DraStic DS Emulator Apk r2.5.0.3a Full Version

DraStic DS Emulator Apk Download - DraStic is ds emulator for android developed by Exophase. This is the best choice if you want playing NDS game such as pokemon black and white on your smartphone. Drastic is clearly one of the best emulators ever and is definitely worth to buying if you want to get live time update and full services.

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I've been testing this drastic ds emulator apk in some devices like Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony Xperia and others also work perfectly. Some people maybe get error lisence when install drastic apk (not from market). So, if you get this error you can follow the steps below. Make sure to follow the instructions correctly.

I couldn't test this app on all devices (such as American brands) since I don't own that. So if this drastic apk doesn't working in your devices, let's discuss in the comments sections.

DraStic DS Emulator Features

  • Double enhance 3D graphic of the games by two times of their original resolution (this is optional feature that works best on high end devices)
  • Customize screens placement and size for portrait and landscape modes
  • Supports add on controllers and physical controls in some devices like Xperia Play and nVidia Shield
  • Resume and save your progress anywhere by using save states
  • Improve your gaming experience by using a lot cheat codes database
  • Synchronize your save games with your online cloud storage such as Google Drive
  • Increase the performance of emulation speed using fast-forward

You may need :

How to Fix Error License on Drastic - Root Devices

  1. This steps only for rooted devices
  2. Download and install drastic apk via link below this post.
  3. Download and install lucky patcher. You can download it here: Lucky Patcher apk
  4. After that open Lucky patcher and then click switch button at the left bottom. Choose Google LicenseVerification Emulation and enable it.
  5. Then you can find drastic app on lucky patcher and tap it. You will see some features, choose Open Menu of Patches.
  6. Now click on Support patch for inApp and LVL emulation then wait until finish. After that you can click on Remove License Verification.
  7. Now, Please open drastic. You will see error same as before. Close drastic app then go back to lucky patcher > find drastic app > open menu of patches then choose Make License for App.
  8. Last step click on Remove Odex. Go open drastic and its done. Error was gone and you can play drastic ds emulator full version.

Drastic DS Emulator No Root Devices
  • Just download and install apk as usual
  • No need to patch
  • Old version (tested by me, i will not share the apk if it doesn't work)

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DraStic Changelog r2.5.0.3a :
  • Fixed a graphical regression on x86 devices
  • Fixed threaded 3D switching

Tested in :
  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Sony Xperia

drastic ds emulator apk preview

drastic ds emulator apk preview

Drastic DS Emulator Apk download

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