Lucky Pacther Apk v6.4.4 Latest Version

Lucky Patcher Apk - Lucky patcher is a useful tool for android to eliminate license of a paid app and others in order to make the application can be run in full version. Lucky patcher basically has a lot of features and services that will allow users to carry out its mission. Unfortunately to use the full features of lucky patcher you need a rooted devices.

Lucky patcher also can be use to remove any ads in some apps, restore and backup apps, modify some apps permission, and more. Make sure before using this apps, you know a basic of apps permission. Okey you can download lucky patcher apk via link below this post.

Lucky Patcher Features

  • Editing android app
  • Remove licenses apps easily
  • Deleting an ads in several free applications
  • Change the permissions apps
  • Creating a clone of an application
  • Backup and restore application
  • and much more

Lucky Patcher Changelog 6.4.4

  • Android patches for ARM updated.
  • Custom patches updated.
  • Translations updated.
  • Bugs fixed.

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