Photon Browser Apk 5.3 Premium

Photon Browser Apk Premium - Photon is an browser application for android developed by Appsverse, Inc. This application support flash player and it has some advantages in it features. By using this app you can play any video on the web that need flash player since android devices doesn't suppot flash player.

photon browser apk premium

Photon browser premium also can be used to play any flash game or web mmorpg such as pirate king, anime ninja, facebook games and more. This app also has some features such as setting brightness, share any link though via email while browsing, rotation lock and many more.

Photon browser premium apk serves a VPN so you can open any blocked site and doesn't need to install 3rd VPN app. You can download photon browser apk premium via link below thi post.

Photon Browser Premium features

  • Support unlimited tabs.
  • Smart url Bar) to search and type in the url of a single toolbar.
  • Browse and play video plus full TV screen.
  • anonymous and private Search Support allows you to clear your search history in each session.
  • Bookmarks with the support folder.
  • Browser desktop and support multiple user agents. Set user agents like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox with our desktop mode to view the website in fulldesktop version.
  • Support the ad blocking and pop-up window blocker.
  • Support Adobe FLV and SWF formats.
  • Local access mode allows the user to watch local TV stations & movies instantly and sites that can block the IP based geographically.
  • Supports Flash player 10.1 for Android, 11 and KitKat etc.
  • Serves as a VPN service to search and open the blocked services such as Hulu and provide secure search in a public Wifi hotspot. VPN browser allows you to browse blocked websites.

Photon Browser Premium v5.3 Changelog

  • Support for Android 7
  • Works in mutli-window mode
  • Many bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Fix crashes with some devices
  • Previous improvements:
  • Improved touch and zoom controls
  • Support 3rd party keyboards
  • Updated to latest Flash Engine
  • Full screen support
  • Ad Block, Change homepage, higher bandwidth settings.

photon browser apk premium

photon browser apk premium

photon browser apk premium download

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