Fifth Edition Character Sheet 1.76 Apk Mod (Infinite Shopping/Money)

Grab the latest Fifth Edition Character Sheet Apk Mod (Infinite Shopping/Money) on your Android devices with many MOD Features. You will be free to Shop and provided with loads of Money in the game with this Mod. So, Lets get started.

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About Fifth Edition Character Sheet

Get the latest Fifth Edition Character Sheet Game if you are seeking an entertaining platform with impressive features. Sep 19, 2014 is the day when this game was made available for common users. With 4.4 out of 5 stars this app became one of the top rated apps in this category.

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Walter Kammerer is the developer of this feature rich game. Turn on your mobile data and download this 6.1M Size Game without worrying about data limits. The last update of this app came on Jul 20, 2020.

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Being an Android user, you can try this app for free on any device. This Game got the best ratings because it is perfect for all age groups . It became a worldwide sensation with 1,000,000+ downloads. It will not work on your phone if it is not using 4.0 or higher version.

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It is the fastest Role Playing based Game and you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Check the reviews published by 12,039 users to reveal true capacity of this app. Open the app store now to get the 1.76 version and there will be no issue at all.

Overview Information

  • Score: 4.4 out of 5
  • Ratings: 31,163
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2014
  • Last Updated: Jul 20, 2020
  • Reviews: 12,039
  • Price: Free
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Supports Ads: Yes
ID: and Name: Fifth Edition Character Sheet and Size: 6.1M

Recent Updates

Content updates

Content updates

Google Drive update
Bug fixes

v1.73 & older
Support for custom races, classes, etc.
Restore to previous level
Rest option
Landscape support for tablets
Google Drive Support
Added hit dice & resource trackers
Added weapon selection
Added support for multiclassing
Added feat support
Added premium ad-free option
Added character leveler

Player Reviews

I Really Like This App But I Would Like To See A Gear Equipped Ability That’s In The Dnd Game. I Mean It Has The Basic Weapons And Gear But Not The Magical Items. Like If I Pick Up An Robe Of Useful Things In A Quest I Would Like To Be Able To Go In And Search A List And Add It To My Character . Like Maybe Add A Treasure Section And If You Hold Down Like You Do On Your Ac To Put On Different Basic Gear. You Could Have A List Of Magical Item That You Can Equipped.

by Dusty Mooneyhan | Rated 3 Stars
I Like It. It’s Simple, It’s Useful The Only Issue I See Are Abilities That “stack” (like Barbarian Rages Per Day) Under Features And Traits, Doesn’t Just Say You Can Rage X Number Of Times A Day. Instead It Describes The Feature Then You Have To Go Down The List And Count How Many Times It Says “you Gain Another Use Of Your Rage Ability” To Determine How Many Rages You Have. Also Passive Buffs (like The Monks Slow Fall Ability) Should Be Kept Separate From The Other Features (like Ki Abilities)

by Seth Beard | Rated 4 Stars
The App Is Simple And Easy To Use And Best Of All The Stats Are Accurate. Very Useful For New Players Who Don’t Quite Understand Character Creation From The Book And Even For Pro-players For Sampling New PCs Before You Put It On Paper. Sure, $2.99 Might Seem Steep For How Little It Truly Does But It’s 100% Useful Even In It’s Free State. I Sure Hope Those Complaining Don’t Waste $5-6 A Day On A Consumable Latte Every Morning; This Was A Worthwhile Purchase, Buy The Developer A Small Cup Of Coffee Ffs. Only Complaint Is That It Desperately Needs Spell Descriptions. While I Understand Adding This Might Be A Long Process To Implement, At Least Allow Us To Add Spell Descriptions Ourselves. Without This Feature I Honestly Can’t 100% Recommend This App To Everyone Because Without It The App Fails To Replace A Physical Character Sheet.

by Lord Sempervirens | Rated 4 Stars
My First Game Of DnD Maybe 4 Or 5 Years Ago Was With This App. Today I’m Getting A Character Ready For A Session With The Same App. It’s So Handy And Even Though I Usually Use Paper Now I Still Always Use This App To Help Me Create The Characters. The Interface Is So Helpful And I Think It’s A Great App For Beginners And Veterans Alike.

by Graeme Chapman | Rated 5 Stars
I Really Like This App 😁 Its A Great Tool To Use While Making Characters. It Is Also Good For Making Quick Characters For One Shots Or To Just Jump Into Games. I Did Give It A 4 Star Because Although Its A Good App Its Lacking In A Few Minor Changes That Could Make It Better. Like There Is No 32pt Build System And Its Annoying To Organize Spells Because There Is No Way To Move Them Without Re Typing Or Pasting Them Around. Other Then That Its A Really Good App And I Definitely Recommend.

by SirVecenteRodriguez | Rated 4 Stars

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